LEADS Drive Events 

Event Coordinators: Are your Sponsors getting the QUALIFIED LEADS they demand?     







Exhibitors Demand It!
Let us help you with affordable, proven lead capture and session tracking technology for conferences, trainings and corporate meetings. App based. No Equipment required. All offered with the highest level of security and data privacy.

Establish Event Value

  • Deliver Measurable results 

  • Capture exhibitor/attendee interaction data 

  • Get lead and traffic insight real-time 

Eliminate business cards

  • No handwriting or paper

  • No inputting data

  • No business card shuffling

  • Ditch the Fishbowl

Improve Partner Experience

  • Demonstrate tech savviness

  • Understand their event challenges

  • Increase uptake and enhance retention

Lead Retrieval for Exhibiting Partners

Guarantee effective post-show follow up

Identify Hot Leads with qualifiers and notes field 

Download reports to individual .csv files

Provide team and individual accountability

Session Tracking

Monitor attendance and gauge interest

Avoid clipboards and error-prone paper sign-ins

Eliminate waiting with rapid scan function

Expedite the certification process

Adding Tech to your Event

Save valuable time and effort by eliminating manual processes 

Make participation easier, more effective and more valuable

Use the phones partners are carrying - no hardware to rent

Don't pay for high-priced event platforms

No internet required

Don't rely on conference wifi

Avoid expensive dedicated networks

Capture offline as easy as online

Data Protection

Relax using a safe and certified data capture platform  

Eliminate spam concerns with access control  

Protect your valuable data

How It Works

 Transform your Training, Tech, Business or Healthcare Event Using Ordinary Smartphones Phones. Trainers, Coordinators, Exhibitors, Speakers and Attendees benefit from a proven tracking system all can access.


Simple system setup in 24 hours or less

  • Scan any embedded QR code 

  • Integrates with badge systems like ConferenceBadge.com, vCard, OnMerge

  • Exclusive iCapture.com Licensee - Enterprise level lead capture app/software



Lead capture and session tracking using your smartphone

  • Review earlier captures, add/append notes

  • No wifi? No problem. Works online or offline

  • Auto submit function for quick scanning



Access Real-time Reporting

  • Hot Leads identified for immediate follow up

  • Instantly review Attendance Reports via cloud/web

  • Time stamped entries for accurate reporting

HP_How_it Works_Step3.png


Data Analysis - Future event planning

  • Review attendance reports

  • Examine exhibit floor traffic and space

  • Determine ROI

HP_Step4_Data Analysis.png

What Makes Us Different

Event-Capture integrates with existing registration systems and badge platforms
Delivering a simple, effective and low-cost lead retrieval system for conferences or company events

Flexible and Affordable

No expensive scanning hardware

Works with existing registration and badge platforms

Multi-purpose functionality

Exhibiting partners capture leads with notes field

Internally track registrants and session attendance

Tracking at the company, device level

In depth reporting

Unparalleled accountability


Event-Capture Was Built For...



Company Event Coordinators: 

  • Get valuable insight into your User’s conference or the Annual Sales Kickoff 

  • Track and measure interaction at sessions, classes and with vendors using phones 

  • Use Accurate Data to better plan and execute future events

  • Reveal true ROI


Conference Organizers:

  • Digitally Track Attendance for CE Credits

  • Streamline Certification processes

  • Give Vendors a powerful lead capture tool

  • Save money not using pricey event platforms.

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What Our Clients Say

testimonial pic
David Childers Senior VP Ethics & Compliance Initiative
Event-Capture makes us a better partner to our exhibitors.
Amy Gardner pic.jpg
Amy Gardner Exhibitor/VF International
Event-Capture is very user friendly.
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A Message From Our Founder

How do you know if your last event was a success?

Feedback from staff and partners? 

How about actual metrics like...

  • # of Leads for high-level sponsors

  • Traffic on the exhibitor floor 

  • # of Sessions attended or CE credits awarded

Feedback is helpful but it's neither consistent nor dependable.

If there's no way to accurately measure interaction at booths and attendance at sessions, anecdotes and faulty memories are left to fill the gaps.

“I remember there was a huge line out the door for her session.”

“I'm not sure we got that many good leads last year.” 

Professional event people understand that without reliable data in place it's all a guessing game, and ultimately left to chance. 
Our event partners need insight. They demand accountability. 
We help by providing the basic measuring tools that help determine success for you and your partners.


Edwin Vining 


Our Mission

  If you've ever wondered, "There's got to be a better way," then you're familiar with what drives us and why we are here. Eliminating manual and tiresome data-related tasks while improving processes and outcomes has been our mission since 2002. While technology and the devices have evolved, today the goal remains the same; help you, our customers save valuable time, make more money AND provide a means to measure your success. 
  The way we see it, we don't succeed until you do. We believe our partner-focused approach makes us unique and we look forward to the opportunity to show you our difference.   

Let Us Show You How Event Capture Can Simplify Your Event Hosting Process And Double the Number of Clients and Sales At Your Next Event