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Ready or Not.. Real-Life Events to Return this Summer

December 31, 20171 min read

In what might be the shape of things to come, one of the tech’s oldest and most well-attended events will welcome attendees for three days in early September in Berlin.

IFA announced in late May a restructuring that will allow the global consumer electronics event to be held live and in-person along with a virtual, online component offering careful crowd control, social distancing, and other effective public hygiene measures in response to COVID-19.

Their efforts to open the doors to exhibitors, attendees and journalists could be a blueprint as the event industry begins to recover. 

Citing health and safety as priority number one, IFA is placing a tight limit on the number of attendees. Instead of one large event, it will be divided into 4 distinct and separate smaller events each with a maximum of 1,000 invited guests. Keynotes and press conferences will be presented on just a couple of stages to ensure that the highest hygiene standards are observed. 

The hybrid approach will offer everybody who wants to attend a virtual opportunity to participate. 

Organizers say this special edition event falls well within the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic by the German government.  While things may change between now and September, they say this approach will ensure the safety of staff and participants. 

The consumer electronics industry estimates the value of the deals struck at the 2019 event  at nearly $6 billion. With the effect COVID-19 is having on sales internationally and with the all-important shopping season just around the corner, industry experts say it is crucial for brands to connect with retailers and demonstrate new products.

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Edwin Vining

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