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Who is Event Capture?

We are event technology professionals who have spent the past decade developing tools designed to replace the labor intensive and redundant processes associated with capturing human interactions at conferences and events.

What we do

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We make teams more efficient and effective, uncovering valuable insight into attendee interaction at technology, healthcare and business conferences and events.

Our proven process-driven system helps exhibiting partners identify potential prospects and promote successful follow up while offering event coordinators measurable results that determine success and ROI.

Why we do it

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Driven by the mantra "There's got to be a better way", we've long understood that technology is the catalyst to improving many long-standing business processes.

Thanks to ubiquitous mobile devices, replacing inefficient manual steps and digitizing information at the user level is easier than ever.

By developing tools that bridge the offline realm or face-to-face world of events with online processes, we make conferences more efficient and ultimately more successful.

What Our Clients Say

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David Childers Senior VP Ethics & Compliance Initiative
Event-Capture makes us a better partner to our exhibitors.
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Amy Gardner Exhibitor/VF International
Event-Capture is very user friendly.

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